So this weekend one of my friends had a party to celebrate or towns annual blues festival which takes place on the last weekend in June every year. I tend to not really like parties that have half of our school invited but this one was okay it had some of my friends and even her family came back later on in the night to join us. 

Even though it was quite a small party I still had this knot of anxiety building up in my stomach mainly because I’m not particularly close with all the people there and just the loud music and drunk teenagers puts me on edge.

I do always try my best to live a little at there parties but when you have that thought in the back of your head saying that you shouldn’t have of come or staying at home would’ve been better. 

Like I said I wasn’t close with any of the people there so a few hours into the night I found myself sat alone in the kitchen with their shit music blasting. No offence to Beyoncé and Drake, but that’s just not my music taste. I found myself alone most of the night wether it was lounging on the sofa, stood in the kitchen, sat on the stairs or curled up in a blanket outside looking at all the stars.

Although I didn’t have a panic attack at this party I still found it rather unjoyable because of my anxiety weighing me down. 

I hope the 2 people who read this have a good summer and there will be a new blog post soon.

Jody, out.