So a few days ago me and some friends decided to hop on a bus and travel around our county out of pure boredom and for the pokemon.

Despite the weather being rainy and windy as hell the experience was still enjoyable and I got plenty of good photos for my Instagram. All though my Pokémon app kept glitching I still managed to catch loads of new Pokémon and a shit tonne of drowseys and zubats.

If anyone is looking for anything to do this summer just hop on a bus to anywhere and open up your Pokemon go app and I’m sure you’ll have fun.

I also saw suicide squad yesterday and oh my god it was so good. Defiantly the best film I’ve watched so far of 2016 and this movie has one of the best movie soundtracks which I’m obsessed with, which is kind of strange because songs on that album aren’t usually the type of music I would listen to but I highly recommend watching suicide squad and jam out to the sound track.

Excuse my face but appreciate my Harley Quinn make up. I would love to to go as her for Halloween but I’m going as a shadowhunter with my best friend because I’m Jace trash.

Jody, out ✌🏻️