Today, since I live in Britain, it’s been raining like hell despite it being summer.

I have a really boring life, my friends don’t even act like my friends, my parents treat me like I’m worthless and overall I have a messed up head but today something seems different. 

Today my friends ‘tried’ to make plans with me to go out which flopped so I found myself with a long boring day a head of me. 

So I built a fort out of blankets and pillows, I curled up in the fort with some hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows and listened to the rain pattering on my window. I had my music on shuffle as I got my self absorbed in a book I’m reading, Everything Everything by Nicole yoon, but then a song came on that caught my attention. It was Invisible by 5 seconds of summer, this song was never my favourite on their new album, sounds good feels good, but today I just seemed to relate to lyrics so much they seemed to perfectly describe my current situation. I was already missing before the night I left just me and my shadow and all of my regrets.

 The whole atmosphere changed and I didn’t feel sad despite the sad lyrics I felt, comforted and cozy. I sometimes love these long boring days when we are rained inside with nothing to do and left to dwell on our thoughts out of boredom. Wasted days, dreaming of a time I know I can’t get back seems I just lost track.

So what I’m saying is don’t complain the next time your stuck inside, use this time to watch films, read a book, draw and colour, build a fort, listen to some music or bake a cake. Who am I? Who am I? When I don’t know myself. Who am I? Who am I? Invisible.

Just take advantage of these days.

Jody, Out.