Hey, long time since I last posted. So school started again which I’m so happy about πŸ™ƒ. 

Anyway the first week of school is over and I survived, barely. Me and one of my closest friends bryony like to hang out in her back yard where she has the bench that’s also a swing. We sat on their as we usually do but this tim Bryony brought her pillows and thick blanket out which we snuggled under and talked until it began getting dark and the stars begun to appear. So I put on some music and we just sat their for hours staring at the sky and singing the songs that played, moments like this make me the happiest because they are so simple yet so special. Then Bryonys dad offered to drive us to a little seaside town called Siloth to pick up her older sister, we went anyway despite it being 10pm and my curfew is also 10pm. 

My friend stupidly let me connect to the car radio and her dad wasn’t that happy he probably expected me to play some random Emo screamo band but he was surprised when I played bands like athlete, Kansas, green day, 30 seconds to mars, fall out boy and Mumford and sons. Bryonys dad was really funny and always sang the lyrics wrong and make random jokes about the music. It was just nice to sit and jam out while looking out over the sea that was lit up by to moon.

Once we arrived at our destination and picked Bryonys older sister up, everything changed. I put the theme tune on to an old nickelodeon TV show I used to love when I was younger called Big time rush. While me, bryony and her older sister  Lauren sung every word at the top of our lungs, their dad looked like he was about to crash the car. After that song was over I played some more bands like muse and jimmy eats world before jokingly putting bowling for soup, evanescence, smash mouth and nickel back on. That’s when everyone started singing and head banging and just taking the absuloute piss out of nickelback.

Tonight showed me that it doesn’t take a lot to have a good time. Noe I’m back at home sipping a galaxy hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream while cuddling under My duvet and binge watching the vampire diaries.

I really reccomend listening to the bands listed in this post they’re not for everyone but if one of them does float your goat then Hey you’re welcome.