Hey, so this Saturday was a gay pride festival and me and a bunch of friends had planned to go for months and it was amazing.

We jumped onto a packed train where we ended up having to stand for the whole journey which I didn’t mind it, a cute guy stood next to me so I was fine with it. Once we arrived we could hear the bass of the music and a bunch of people running around covered in head to toe in rainbows. We obviously went to Starbucks where I used my Starbucks name, Natasha, and the girl behind the counter found that amusing considering I had an avengers shirt on. We then went into lush and we got to meet these lovely people who work there I gave them all a little rainbow Nando’s flag that I Some How ended up with like 5. 

I got to see my friend Dan who I hadnt seen in months and I meet a girl who loved supernatural and marvel as much as I did. 

We went into a few shops before discovering a toys R’ us had opened. We where messing around with the 6ft teddys when I walk around a corner and out of no where this giant giraffe mascot walks around the corner and scares the living shit out of me. I really wish someone saw the pure horror of my face as this 7ft giraffe walks around the corner while proceeding to wave at me. 

my squad
gayest selfie i ever took
me and amy my best friend