“I solemnly swear I am up to know good”
Hi, so recently my friend lent me a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time Harry Potter and the cursed child. I was thrilled to finally get my hands on the book and for the whole day I was itching to read it. 

As soon as I was home from school I immediately delved into it, my mind getting transported into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

So far I just finished scene 3 after a good 3 hours of reading and decided to leave it at the interval. It was so nice to see more of what happened the Harry, Ron, hermione and even Draco considering he was one of my favourite characters along with Luna Lovegood and Neville longbottom. The story line of Albus and Scorpios adeventure is amazing and there’s a few plot twists but I won’t get into that because Spoilers.

Anyway finally reading J.K Rowlings work again really did transport me back in time. I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter and being submerged into another Harry Potter book did time turn me back to them even if it was only for a few hours. I felt 9 again, sitting in my garden, devouring Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban, Or sitting by to pool in Egypt when I was 10 and reading all of Harry Potter order of the Phoenix, in 10 days. It reminded me that life used to be simpler. I used to be care free, clueless of what was coming for me. Now here I am 7 years later wishing for the days I wasn’t ill or messed up. But reading this book made me realise one day those days will be back, sure they won’t be the same as they where a few months ago but they’ll better and I’ll be truly happy once again with no bouts of depression weighing me down.

It was nice getting back to my roots and enjoying something I devoted my life too a few years ago. Not much has Changed for me in that sense, instead of Harry Potter, doctor who And dan and Phil taking over my life It’s now Supernatural, the vampire diaries and the Avengers, there’s still some of the old me left. Barely.

Jody, Out.

“Mischief managed”