Hey. I want to talk about something that means a lot to me. Fandoms. And I know that may seem stupid. How can a stupid tv show or band be that important to me? Well that’s the thing people don’t know when they ask me this or if they make fun of me for liking (which happens often). If I am like completely obsesssed and infatuated with a band, Tv show, actor and/or character, it normally means that they mean so much more to me then a stupid band, shit tv show or a fictional character. For example, All time low are the reason I stopped being self destructive, Supernatural always brought me out of my dark places, Sebastian Stan, I can’t put into words what he’s done for me, I know it’s always cliche to say “you saved my life” but Sebastian Stan really did, one night I was in a really dark place, I was uncomfortably crying and I had no hope. I was going to end my life. For one last time I went onto my phone and saw through my blurry tears a gif of someone, before this night I had loved Sebastian Stan because he was a great actor, he is pretty damn hot and hilarious but now he literally made me realise there’s more to life just because it’s bad now doesn’t mean it will always be, the future has already happened and I hope to god I will be alive to see my future and to see it be a happy one.

So when my friend asked me “I don’t understand how you become so obsessed with something like a movie” I couldn’t just say it’s the reason I’m here, I just shrugged.

But because of this, I’m dependent on things to help me instead of people because Barry Allan won’t just get up and leave me, Gerard way won’t judge me. When people make fun of me for liking something, it really hurts because it makes me feel dumb for liking it and For it saving me but they don’t know that so I just brush it off.

Don’t be ashamed to like something or depend on something because others think it’s weird or wrong. You do you girl/boy/gender fluid/ gender neutral/ metahumans/ dogs.

Jody, out.

Life saving gif :