Hey so today it has been 1 year since one of my favourite bands 5 seconds of summer released their second album sounds good feels good and I saw this on Instagram (@_starbucks-irwin_) and decided to do it here. Let’s do this Shit;


Money 💰-I really need to live my life and do things out of the blue instead of planning and getting scared when something goes wrong.

She’s kinda hot 🔥-we are all losers and it doesn’t matter because we have each other, made me realise I’m not alone 

Hey everybody 👋🏻 -I realised from this song that I need to get rid of people who are negative and constantly putting down because I shouldn’t have to live this way

Permanent vacation ✈️-this song just really reminds me of fangirling with my friend who’s no longer a big part of my life like they used to but hey not everything’s perfect.

Jet black heart ❤️ -everyone struggles with something and the song made me realise I don’t know what people have been through so I shouldn’t judge them straight away.

Catch fire 🔥-this song is just summery af and just makes me overall happy every time I hear it.

Safety pin 📌-sometimes i need someone to help me out of the dark places and that’s what I did and i am eternally grateful for that person. Thanks for existing.

Waste the night 🌙 -I don’t need do Big elaborate things to have fun I can just waste the night talking with someone, wandering and exploring.

Vapor 💨-this is one of my favourites but most of all I had a friend who adored 5sos and this was his favourite song from the album and about a month after the album was released I found out he had killed himself. And it makes me incredibly emotional to listen to this song although I wasn’t extremely close to him he was still there and he made me smile. This song just makes me continue with life for him. 

Castaway 🌴-Me and group of friends, we’ve all drifted apart I spend 90% of my days alone while they all go out but I’d prefer that over having to deal with constantly feeling unwanted and insecure around them.

The girl who cried wolf 🐺 – this song reminds me of when me and my friend we went on a ride called American egg where it’s like a big wheel but you’re incased in this egg that spins around while the big wheel spins and I was absolutely shitting myself so she started singing at the top of her lungs this song so I joined in and the song just makes me smile considering how sad it is.

Broken home 🏚-I burst into tears everytime I hear this damn song. I am fortunate enough to have my parents still together but I don’t have a good relationship with them at all so I avoid them at all costs, at the end of the day they are my parents and they are only trying to help me.

Fly away 🛩- I remember burning my school uniform to this song it was the last day of school last year and this song was leaked and Me and my friends where freaking out on snapchat while we burnt Our uniform like idiots.

Invisible 👻- invisible sums me up to a T. Im always the friend who is just there. Im never the best friend or the friend someone will go to with there problems I’m just ther. But I’m used to it and it’ll be only like this until schools over then everything will change I’ll probably loose touch with most of my friends so yeah.

Airplanes ✈️- reminds me of summer.

San Francisco 🗺- Me and my friends went into HMV and it was completely empty. I bought a 5sos poster and a supernatural poster and I ended up geeking about supernatural with the girl behind the counter. Then this song came on the radio and I was just so happy I was in my element.

Outer space\ carry on 🚀 – outer space reminds me of bonfire night last year, it was the first time I had went out with these people who would become some of my best friends. Carry on, It’s in the name it reminded me there’s always good in the bad and that I just have to let the good times roll.