Hey. So after a stressful week of last minute revising and mock exams it’s finally over 🙌🏻

This weekend the annual winter fair is in town so what a way to celebrate surviving exam week. I went to the fair on Friday with Bryony, Emily and Vaughn, although my favourite ride wasn’t there, there was 2 new ones. The first ride we went on was a 007 themed ride where you where in karts theat spun around and moved up and down. I went on with Emily and there was no barrier between each seats so every time the cart was thrown about I’d slide into her and crush her against the metal bars, it was painful but hilarious. After that my friends wanted to go on a ride called asteroid which I am terrified of so I went with my other friends Olivia and Cara to meet Olivia’s boyfriend who was extremely nice and funny, they made such a cute couple.

Next we went in the waltzers which is a classic fair ride, we found the loose cart that spun the most so we where constantly stuck the carts and screaming while singing along to the really horrible music. After that I went on another ride with my friend Amber and Olivia in which Amber was chewing gum and it fell out of her mouth then Olivia turned to me and goes “something just touched my foot” I honestly couldn’t handle how funny it was.

The next day I had went to the cinema with Megan to watch Doctor strange. I’ve waited so long to watch this and it was worth the wait. I cried, even though there is no sad parts, I cried because I just really love marvel and I’m a fangirl. We had booked our seats so there was no one sat next to us but for some unknown reason the woman, let’s just say she wasn’t the smallest woman, decides to sit next my friend megan even though that wasn’t her seat, I was laughing so hard but I had to hide it was funny she kept trying to talk to us and everything.

After the cinema I went into ASDA while Megan went the the toilet. I was paying for my items at the self checkout and their was this adorable little boy dressed as robin, batmans side kick, and a worker was talking to him and she asked “where batman?” So as I was walking past him I said he’s with superman and I’ve never seen someone so happy in my entire life it made my day.

Jody, out.