Hey, so last night me and my two best friends, Esme and Amy, went to Manchester to see one of our favourite bands live, Pierce the 


We left at 2 in the afternoon and the whole car journey,which normally takes 2 hours, was spent in heavy traffic and us all gawking at this beautiful Nissan GT-R.

The traffic in Manchester City was so busy once we where near Manchester university we just jumped out of the car in the middle of the busy road as just started walking to the university, we where nearly there when we realised, we left the tickets in the car.

Now the car could be anywhere and we didn’t have our tickets so we where in this unknown city on our own with no clue what to do. We luckily saw the car pull round the corner so we got Esme to run after it and we finally got the tickets.

We stood in line for an hour and half before finally going into the venue which was smaller then I thought, the capacity was 2,600 people and there was only a tiny seating area. We some how, despite being right at the back of the line got to the barrier at the left side of the stage.

The first support act came one which was a band called the creepers, I only knew one song of theirs but they where pretty Fucking good.

Then the next support acts, the one that confused me the most was let live.  Although I didn’t know any of their songs they Where such a good band live and they had amazing stage prescence. The lead singer gave this amazing speech about feminism and treating woman right, he also gave a speech about Donald trump and how they do not agree with building walls and racist behaviour. Then the whole crowd started chanting “f*ck Donald trump!”

Finally the main act came on, pierce the veil. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to a concert especially to a concert of an artists you admire a lot, you get this feeling of realisation when the artists come out onto the stage and you’re stold their awe stricken with realisation of they’re right in front of me dawning over you. And to just see the band that’s helped me out of my dark times stood metres away was overwhelming. 

Pierce the veil played a bunch of new and old songs including my favourites Floral and Fading and bulletproof love. Then they decided to crack out the tear jerking song that is hold onto may. Now the song was written about vics (lead vocalist) friend who sadly killed her self, it’s about her story and how she’d sit up up in a tree in her back yard to see if anyone would notice she was missing. She would sit there for hours and no one not even her parents would notice she was missing. The song hits close to home with me and I was telling myself not to cry and I didn’t until the bridge of the song was played where everything went silent and it was just vic singing ‘if I Where you I’d put that away see you’re just wasted and thinking about the past again, darling you’ll be okay…’ and that set off the waterworks.

I met an amazing a guy, got water poured over me by a security guard,I had to fight for a water bottle and I got confetti in places confetti shouldn’t be. 

Jody, out.