Hey, so on Saturday something very big happened I finally met my internet friend, Meegan.

Originally Meegan was expecting to meet just my friends bryony and  Emily and me and my ther friends esme and Olivia where gonna hide and surprise her but shit hit the fan when we had a bug malfunction with train tickets and we thought we weren’t gonna meet her but luckily she got a later train.

We where in Carlisle for 6 hours shopping around in lush, primark, Starbucks, new look and Waterstones waiting impatiently for meegans train to arrive. 

We finally gave up shopping and visited a pet shop where there was cute baby tortoises and a fluffy car that kept scaring the blue and yellow birds. We headed to the trainstation and went into the waiting room, we hung out there for an hour eating and talking when all of our batteries on our phones died so me and Olivia decided to head Back into town to get chargers because we thought we had a while until meegans train. So after getting the chargers we walk back to the train startion and literally before we he back into the station Olivia says “we should ask when her-Oh my god” and she pointed at Meegan who was stood at the entrance waiting for us. Neither us knew how to react we stood there frozen before running and having a group hug where I cried, yes I cried. After that we head into the station to surprise to others. We bumped into Esme on the way to the waiting room as she had just left a small shop and her face was priceless. 

I ran a head to waiting room and I ran in and yelled “she’s here!” Really loudly before realising loads of people had arrived and where sat in there. Bryony and Meegan hugged, which I think was the cutest. And then Meegan and Emily hugge. It was so surreal to finally meet someone who you’ve known for nearly a year and to have them stood in front of you. 

We went back into town and did shopping for a few more hours before Meegan has to depart from us. 

The train we where planning to get on was absolutely packed with drunk people and I hate drunk people and being surrounded by people because I’m claustrophobic so me olivia and Emily got off that train and caught the next one. Which was filled with more drunk people. They made us sing all these songs and it was pretty hilarious. 


The drunk people singing on the 🚂 me and Meegan (Left to right) Olivia, me, Emily and bryony in primark. Bc the lighting was bomb asf
(Left to right) Olivia, me, bryony, Emily, Esme and Meegan(Left to right) Bryony, me, Emily, esme, Meegan and Olivia in Starbucks Our group hug before meegans train

The actual meeting of us

Jody out🤘🏻