Woah hello, it’s been a while haven’t been on This blog since the train crash that was 2016. I decided to take a break from this blog and just get myself sorted out, well I guess I’m sorted out. New year, new me, well not exactly.
I don’t have any New Years resolutions besides from focussing in being happy and practicing mediation which so far has helped with my anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve only had one panic attack this year which is a new record for me. So do you have any resolutions? 
This year will be better then 2016 (let’s ignore trump and brexit) I’m going to make it better. I have a lot of stuff coming up this year, it’s my last year in school, I’ve got to make the great decision of what I’m going to do after school, which I still have no idea what. I have prom, which has been nothing but stress, I haven’t got my dress sorted or anything. I’m meeting my internet friends in 9 days!!!!! I’m so excited. I have my friends party coming up but in all honesty I’m dreading it, the party scene isn’t my place. 

I also have Comicon to go to, I’m cosplaying as fem!quicksilver, because I’m loving the X-men lately. Also I have a project thing called NCS where I spend 3 weeks with a group of people and we do stuff like outdoor and indoor adventure stuff like archery, rock climbing, canoeing and go ape. Then we have a dorm experience, where we spend a week in a college dorm and learn how to cook and live on our own basically. Then finally we have a group project where we do something to help the community. 
Don’t even get me started on all the new movies and music coming out this year. For starters freaking spider-man homecoming!!! I’m so excited, I think tom Holland will play a great spider-man and he was great in captain America: civil war, also looking forward to Robert Downy jr in this, Tony stark and Peter Parker are like polar opposites and it will be interesting to see their character relationship. Thor: Ragnorok is coming out October, that’s gonna be good, I can’t wait to see more of doctor strange. Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2, what more do I need to say? 

Loads of bands are bringing out rocking new music and albums which lucky for me (but not my wallet) more concerts. Sherlock season 4 was a thing, a thing that broke my heart, this season, although not my favourite (season 3 is my favourite in case you where wondering) it was still overall pretty amazing, Euros (SP) is an interesting character and it was quite a plot twist making the third Holmes sibling a sister when everyone expected a brother, the whole complexity and structure of season 4, or all the seasons together, is well thought out and interesting, despite most people’s opinion I loved it. New season of doctor who coming out, its Peter Capaldis last season as the doctor but I am fine with that I personally didn’t like him much as the doctor I just really want to know who will be the new doctor. 

So I hope your 2017 is kicking off to a good start, mine is for definite. I’m going to leave a song recommendation, keeping with the fact I’m really excited for spider-man homecoming, 

✨Time to pretend – MGMT🎶
Jody, out ✌️